Carta enviada por este grupo revolucionario al gobierno Peruano en apoyo a la huelga de hambre del Presidente Gonzalo, c. Miríam y demás Prisioneros de Guerra y Presos Políticos.

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Gentlemen from Government!

Yours Government collaborate with American imperialism. That imperialism, as well as American State, intervenes anywhere in the world where they consider that human rights are endangered, and those interventions are very often military interventions. From the other side, in your country exist many unsolved economic and social problems, and problems which your Government have with his own people, and which can not be solved by simple removing of people which do you consider as enemies. People who are at hunger strike, and who try to reach new, fair trial, bigger part of Peruan people consider as fighters for freedom, as do we consider them. Fighters for freedom of Peru from the influence of American imperialism, and fighters for righteous life in your country and economic equality of population.

That is why we believe that you will be reasonable and that you will avoid future bloodshed in your country, which provoke American imperialism, by organising of fair trials to fighters for justice in your country.

Partija rada

International Department